July 26, 2018


Happy birthday to one of our favourite rockstars, Mick Jagger! Frontman of the legendary Rolling Stones, Jagger has been rocking on and living loud since the 1960s. During their Zurich concert in September 2017, 40,000 fans were met with volunteers from Sonova distributing free ear protection on behalf of the Hear the World Foundation. According to the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), rock concerts have sound level of 90 to 110 decibels, falling into the “extremely loud” category. This sound level is enough to damage the human ear in minutes! Therefore, the hearing protections were positively received by concert goers. Not surprising though, as Mick Jagger himself is one of the famous celebrity ambassador for the “Hear the World” foundation. Have you seen him on the front cover of the foundation’s campaign magazine? Jagger was photographed with one hand behind his ear, a common pose for the ambassadors of the foundation, to raise awareness for hearing loss.

Jagger celebrated his 70th birthday back in 2013 by partying till the early hours with family and friends, including four of his children and his granddaughter Amba Jackson. At the age of 74, he did not stop his touring, recording, dating, fathering and grandfathering! This is one man that refuses to let his age run the show.

Today he turns 75; a veteran ambassador of hearing health.

From us at Hearing Amplifier, Happy Birthday Mick Jagger!


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